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English Language Courses in Singapore for Kids | BAFEL

Thinking of enrolling your kid to an English Language Course in Singapore? Start them young! Raising a kid in Singapore’s multiluingual environment is an enriching experience. And in this blog, we’ll walk you through the world of English language courses in Singapore for kids so you can find the perfect fit for your kid!

What Kind Of Language Course in Singapore is Right For Your Kid’s Age?

1. Early Learners (Preschool)

English classes in Singapore that are designed specifically for young children, focusing on building a strong foundation in english language skills throught interactive and engaging activities.

2. Primary School

    English lessons in Singapore tailored to primary school students, focusing on developing essential English language skills such as reading, writing, and speaking skills, often aligning with the local curriculum.

    3. Secondary School

      The English courses in Singapore for secondary school can address specific needs, like preparation for exams (e.g., PSLE) or advance communication skills.

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      Finding the Right Learning Style For Your Kid’s English Course In Singapore

      1. Group Classes

        These English language classes in Singapore offer a collaborative learninig environment where students can interact with peers, participate in group activities, and benefit from shared learning experiences. Group classes are suitable for individuals who thrive in social settings and enjoy learning through discussion and collaboration.

        1.   Individual Classes

        Ideal for students who prefer personalized attention and customized learning plans. Individual classes allow for focusef instruction tailored to the student’s specific needs, learning pace, and goals. This English language class format is particularly beneficial for learners who require additional support or have unique learning challenges.

        2.   Online Courses

        Online English language courses in Singapore offer convenience and flexibility for busy individuals. Students  can acccess English language course materials, participate in lessons, and communicate with instructors from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. While online English language courses in Singapore provide flexibility, it’s important to take note of the potential drawbacks suchs as limited interaction with instructors and peers.

        Take note: Consider your child’s self-discipline and online learning experience before choosing this learning style.

        Customizing Your Kid’s English Class in Singapore For Success

        1.   General English

        These English language courses in Singapore cover a broad range of language skills and topics, including  grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and everyday communication. General English courses in Singapore are suitable for  learners looking to improve their overall proficiency in English.

        2.   Conversational English

        Conversational English language courses in Singapore’s goal is to improve speaking and listening skills. These English language courses are ideal for kids who want to feel more confident and fluent in  conversing in English .

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        3.   Exam Preparation

        These English classes in Singapore focus on exam strategies, pratice exercises, and familiarizing students with the exam format  and requirements to help them achieve their desired scores.

        The BAFEL offers courses for OXBRIDGE (OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE) UNIVERSITY PREP & APPLICATION which is the most demanding option that focuses on guiding students through writing, speaking, and presenting themselves competitively, UK UNIVERSITY PREP & APPLICATION which tackles the UCAS application system, PERSONAL STATEMENT WRITING that helps create compelling statements with a focus on structure, language and showcasing relevant skills, and the most comprehensive program that combines PERSONAL STATEMENT, PERSONALITY PROFILING & INTERVIEW SKILLS to ready your kid for a brighter future. To know more about these courses, read here.

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        Choosing the Right English Language Course in Singapore for Your Kid

        1. Consider your child’s age, learning style, and goals

        Evaluate your child’s age to determine the appropriate English course level and consider their learning style and goals. For instance, younger children may benefit from interactive and play-based learning, while older student may require more structured English language course in Singapore tailored to specific objectives, such as exam preparation, or improving conversational skills.

        2. Research course curriculum, methodology, and qualifications of instructors

        Look into the curriculum  offered by different courses to ensure it covers relevant English language skills and topics. Additionally, inquire about the teaching methodology employed, such as  communicative language teaching or task -based learning, to determine if it suits your child’s learning preferences. Verify the qualifications and experience of instructors to ensure they are skilled in teaching English language course in Singapore effectively.

        3. Free trial classes (if available) can be hepful

        Attend any free trial  courses offered by English language courses in Singapore. These free English language courses in Singapore give an opportunity for your child to experience the teaching style, interact with instructors, and assess  the suitability of the  course before making a commitment.

        4. Highlight factors specific to Singapore, like class size and focus on the local syllabus (if relevant)

        Consider factors unique to the Singapore context when choosing and English language course in Singapore.  Take note that smaller classes may offer more personalized attention and opportunities for participation.

        Bonus Tip: English courses in Singapore that incorporate  elements of the local curriculum  can help reinforce learning and prepare students for academic success.

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        Final Thoughts!

        You have explored the world of English language courses in Singapore for Kids. From preschool programs to exam preparations, you now have a better understandinf of the options available. Remember, the perfect English language course in Singapore depends on your child’s age, learning style, and goals.

        At BAFEL, we are passionate about helping kids unlock their English potential. Let’s embark on this languade journey together!


        1.   Can you study in English in Singapore?

        Yes, English is a main language of instruction in Singapore.

        2.   What is the standard English in Singapore?

        Singapore English is a distinct dialect with influences from British English, other regional varieties, and local languages.

        3.   What is the compulsory education age in Singapore?

        Compulsory education in Singapore spans from age 6 to 16.

        4.   What is the best English language course?

        For general English improvement: Look for courses that address speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

        5.   Which course is best for fluent English speaking?

        For fluent English speaking: Consider conversation practice or public speaking courses focused on fluency and pronunciation.

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