Performing Arts

Speech & Drama (with or without staged performance)


BAFEL’s speech and Drama programme is like no other. So what’s unique about our programme, you ask? Well, we bring acting and performance techniques from London’s West End. Our programme curators (both actors in the UK and Singapore) constantly update the curriculum to make it relevant to today’s generation. Secondly, we sync media into performance techniques which allows students to carry on engaging with their devices whilst learning new performance skills.

The classes will provide participants with several fundamental abilities, including self-esteem, confidence, creative thinking, choral reading, acting skills, public speaking skills, as well as leadership and teamwork skills. As students participate in our drama enrichment program and stage actual performances, they build confidence and learn to think more creatively. That foundation can have a dramatic impact on academic, personal, and professional success!


  • Learn performance techniques
  • Understand how voice and movement go hand in hand
  • Boost charisma and confidence
  • Learn stage and spatial awareness
  • Learn vocal variety

Reader’s Theatre


Reader’s Theater allows children the luxury of lingering over a story; acting it out many times so they come to understand all its nuances,” as Judy Freeman, a children’s literature consultant explains. “Too often, children read a story and only understand it at its most superficial literal level. With Reader’s Theater, they’re not just reading a story; they’re living it.” BAFEL’s programme lives this philosophy. Participants are made to read, articulate and enact stories whilst picking up essential speech skills.

BAFEL’s Reader’s Theater strategy blends students’ desire to perform with their need for oral reading practice. This programme offers an entertaining and engaging means of improving fluency and enhancing comprehension, which benefits students in their oratorical test.


  • How to understand characters and characterisation
  • Understand the type of script and how to read it
  • How to build personality and voice
  • How to write and read monologues and dialogues
  • Demonstrate different vocal techniques

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